Norberto Iera  Curriculum Vitae

Oct. 7, 1948   Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
1964 Starts taking classes in the studio of the painter Demetrio Urruchúa
1965 Graduates from secondary school with a “bachiller” degree
1968 Exhibitions Galería Witcomb - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Elmhurst University - Illinois, U.S.A.
  Rego Park - New York, U.S.A.
  W.S.O.A.E. Fall - New York, U.S.A.
Studies Painting education with Demetrio Urruchúa
1969 Exhibitions (with official sponsorship)
  Teatro Alberdi - Prov. Tucumán, Argentina
  Sociedad Española - Prov. de Jujuy, Argentina
  Teatro Victoria - Prov. de Salta, Argentina
  Teatro Coliseo - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Teatro Odeon - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Studies Painting education with Demetrio Urruchúa
  Live-model drawing with Antonio Pugia
1970 Exhibitions Public Library Belisario Roldan - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Outdoor Show San Telmo - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Calle de las Artes - Municipalidad de Buenos Aires
  Galería Ernesto de la Carcova - Buenos Aires
Studies Engraving and “Neograbado” w/ Juan J. Cartasso
  Scenography w/ Luis D. Pedreira & E. Corrado
  Painting education with Demetrio Urruchúa
1971 Exhibitions Nueva Acropolis Organization - lecture about
  “Neograbado” (new engraving technique)
  Colegio Buenos Aires - lecture
  Galería Casa del Angel - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Calle de las Artes - Municipalidad de Buenos Aires
  Museo de la Ciudad - Teatro San Martín, Bs. As.
Studies Old and modern printing techniques,
  chronological work and creative development
1972 Exhibitions Illustration of Galician poetry, Galería Lucense
  Buenos Aires subway stations: - Line B - Pueyrredón Station - Line B - Uruguay Station
  Galería Lucense - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Guillermo Rawson School - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Town Hall Exhibition of Drawings - Morón, Buenos Aires
  Galería de la Carcova - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Studies Artistic anatomy and sculpture
  Introduction to Futurology and Prospective at the University of Buenos
  Aires, Argentina
1973 Exhibitions Galería Sara Preto - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Galería Berutti Gosio - Comodoro Rivadavia
  Cultural Department Town Hall - Rawson and Puerto Madryn, Argentina
  W.S.O.A.E., Spring 1973 - New York, U.S.A.
  Automation House Gallery - New York, U.S.A.
  W.S.O.A.E., Fall - New York, U.S.A.
  Collection Design II - New York, U.S.A.
  Brewster Gallery - New York, U.S.A.
  Galería Casa de Jujuy - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Latin American Art Gallery - Buenos Aires
Studies Seminar about prospective methodology sponsored by the Centre of Art
  and Communication (CAYC)
1974 Exhibitions The First National Bank of Boston - Buenos Aires
  Le Tarot Club - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  W.S.O.A.E., Spring 1974 - New York, U.S.A.
  Automation House Gallery - New York, U.S.A.
  Boston Museum of Science - Mass., U.S.A.
  W.S.O.A.E., Fall 1974 - New York, U.S.A.
  Award (Travel Exhibits) given by W.S.O.A.E.
  consisting of group shows in the United States:
  The Hill School Library - Pottstown, Penn.
  State University of New York - New York
1975 Exhibitions - Mt. Aloysius Jr. College - Cresson, Penn.
  The Rosenberg Library - Galveston, Texas
  Kansas State College - Pittsburg, Kansas
  Alderson Broaddus College - Philippi, Virginia
  Lenoir County Community College - Kingston, N.C.
  Free Public Library - New Bedford, Mass.
  Amigos de Arte de Avellaneda - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Peter A. Berman Gallery - New York, U.S.A.
  Casa de Cultura - Huelva, Spain
  Ibero Club - Bonn, West Germany
  Galleria D’Arte “La Nos” - Milano, Italy
  Galleria D’Arte Nuovo Spazio II - Venice, Italy
  Foire Internationale de Marseille - France
  Art Corner Gallery - Bonn, West Germany
1976 Exhibitions Galería Casa de Palermo - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Galería El Nauta - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  W.S.O.A.E., Fall 1976 - New York, U.S.A.
Studies Art Student League (Graphic) - New York, U.S.A
1977 Exhibitions Morristown Unitarian Fellowship - New York, U.S.A.
  Long Beach Art Association - New York, U.S.A.
  Permanent Pavilion of the Argentine Republic at the
  European Common Market - Brussels, Belgium
  Galeria El Nauta - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  W.S.O.A.E., Fall 1977 - New York, U.S.A.
  Water Color Award
Studies Art Student League (Graphic) - New York, U.S.A.
  Board of Control Scholarship
1978 Exhibitions Party Cake New York - New York, U.S.A.
  Salón de Dibujantes - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Automovil Club - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  XXII Salón de Otoño de San Fernando, Buenos Aires
  Honorable Mention in engraving
  Feria de las Artes - Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  “Manzana de las Luces” - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Award “Rata de Oro” of the Institute of Leprological Research -
  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Studies Iera opens his own art lab dedicated to study mechanisms of creativity
1979 Exhibitions Argentine Society of Art
  First Prize in engraving, Fall 1979 - Buenos Aires
  Ibero Club - Bonn, West Germany
  Galleria Dolfin - Milan, Italy
  Fiera Di Milano - Padiglione CIS, Italy
  Theatre Dance Project. He writes the script for a ballet, “Doña Inspiración,” and designs the stage and costumes.
Studies Iera attends printing courses at the Academia Brera - Milan, Italy
1980 Exhibitions Rodo-Housing, Gallery - Bonn, West Germany
  Ruta Correa Gallery - Freiburg, West Germany
  Studies Invited auditor at the Kunststudio, Bonn - Engraving
1981 Exhibitions Studio “Von Bayres” - Bonn, West Germany
  Invited as stage designer at Bonn’s Opera House
  Invited to direct a group of art for prisoners
  in JVA, Bonn, West Germany
1982 Exhibitions “Manzana de las Luces” - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  34th Francfort Book Fair - Stand 81B No. 546 - Studio “Von Bayres”
  Hard-Board T-Shirts, “Café Zick-Zack” - Bad-Honnef, West Germany
  Award - Honorable Mention - Engraving
  Municipality of Vicente López - Buenos Aires, Argentina
1983 Exhibitions Akademie für Führungskräfte der Deutschen
  Bundespost at Bad-Honnef, Bonn, West Germany
  Studio Altstadt-Galerie - Bonn, West Germany
  Travel through Italy:
  Provincia Bari - Show at City Hall, Corato
  Puglia Trani - Show at “Monastero di Colonna”
  Receives a silver plate for recognized merit
  from Comprensorio Nord Barese, Italy
  “Kunst im Knast” - Exhibition of works of artists in prison (his own
  directed group) - City Hall, Bonn, West Germany
  “4 Künstler - 4 Kontinente” Exhibition in the house of
  “Konrad Adenauer Foundation” in St. Augustin, West Germany and in
  the City Hall of Frankenthal, West Germany
1984 Exhibitions “IGEDO” Fair Stand 26 - New Designers - Cabiani
  New York - Düsseldorf, West Germany
  “100 Works on Paper”
  Created Works in Ten Years in different techniques
  at the Center of Sciences - Bonn, West Germany
  Edition of a catalogue and of color postcards with his works
1985 Exhibitions “Alte Synagoge” - Wittlich, West Germany
  Haus Beda, Bitburg - West Germany
  CASA DE ESPAÑA, Oslo - Norway
  Studio Adams, Cologne - West Germany
  Commerzbank Lörrach - West Germany
  Commerzbank Biberach - West Germany
  Commerzbank Ravensburg - West Germany
  Commerzbank Darmstadt - West Germany
  Commerzbank Neu Isenburg - West Germany
  Commerzbank Frankfurt - West Germany
1986 Exhibitions Foyer Beethovenhalle - Bonn, West Germany
  Travel through Italy.
  Monastero di Colonna - Trani, Bari, Italy
  Pro Loco “Quadratum” - Corato, Bari, Italy
  “Fiera Artigianale” - Bisceglie, Bari, Italy
  Monte di Pieta - Bartetta, Bari
  Public Library - Santeramo in Colle, Bari, Italy
  Restauration of a golden wood carving sculpture
  of the 15th century in Barleta, Italy.
  Argentine Society of Art, Fall
  Second Prize (Silver Medal) for engraving
1987 Exhibitions Villa Comunale - Trani, Italy
  Iera opens own Studio Gallery in Apulia, Italy
  Iera creates private art courses
  Works in fresco and mural techniques
  Studio Adams - Cologne, West Germany
  “Im Weintorkel” - Bodman-Ludwigshafen, West Germany
1988 Exhibitions: “Palazzo Caputo” Ruvo di Puglia, Italy.
  Teatro Curci. Barletta, Italy.
  Rodo Housing. Bonn, Germany.
1990 Villa Comunale. Trani, Italy.
1991 First prize painting. “Metti un quadro a tavola”. Altamura, Italy.
  American Club, Bonn, Germany.
1992 Manantiales Apart Hotel. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
  Exhibitions: Manzana de las Luces. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  Gral. San Martín Cultural Centre. “Estampillas conmemorativas”.
  Sala Alberdi, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1993 “Pintujuegos” summer entertainment programme. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
  Recoleta Cultural Centre. “Recuerdos y fantasmas”. Buenos Aires, Arg.
1995 Museum of Modern Art. Bahía Blanca, Argentina.
  Expo Christmas Art Show. Costa Salguero. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1996 First Prize engraving Summer Competition “Golden Shopping Centre”.
  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  Honorable Mention “Fantastic Art Show”. Yukio Mishima Cultural Centre.
  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  Exhibition: Selected Artist Award “Open”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  “Habana 97” Art Show. Etching. Award. Honorable Mention. Bs As, Arg.
1997 “Open Art Show” Golden Shopping Centre. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  Participates in “VI Bienal de La Habana”, City Hall of 10 de Octubre,
  Havana, Cuba.
  Les Sciences Dans L’ART, UNESCO Paris.
  Member of the jury. Painting - Drawing - Etching. “Galarts Gallery”,
  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998 Opens his own studio “Piano nobile” in Berlin Germany.
  Grand Marche Des Arts. Berlin.
  “Spazio aperto all’ arte” Fiera del Levante, Bari, Italy
  Art Addiction Annual in Venice, Masks in Venice
  Winner of Certificate of Merit Venice Italy.
  Figuration Critique, Toit de la Grande Arche de la Défense, Paris
Studies Experimental Metaphysics. first and seconed level graduated, Bs.As., Argentina
  Kulturmanagement für Künstler und Kulturarbeit, VHS Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
1999 Atalante Berlin Neuköln, Germany
  Berliner Wolksbank Poztdammer Platz. Berlin, Germany
2000 Plantaciones, Las Palmas Gran Canaria Spain.
  La cafetera "Konditorei" Las Palmas GC. Spain.
  Morgan Stanley UK/group. Canary/Wharf. London, UK.

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